My Precious Corner – Jenny Chun

My Precious Corner

By: Jenny Chun

Heart of Thankfulness
On my second visit to China during the summer of 2010, I joined the 8-day CRRS vision trip (with 20 members) to visit many counties in Guangxi. The routine of our trip was to travel several hours by bus to a village where we stayed for about two days. Then we moved on to another village. Everywhere we went, we sat down with the students to have a meeting about their life and education. Truth be told, the most rewarding time was having lunch with the students where they openly expressed their feelings….

During one of the formal meeting sessions, a student asked me, “Why do you always smile?’ I was surprised and became speechless by this innocent question. I thought for a moment and gave my answer with a smile,” I used to be full of worries and became unhappy for the smallest things. However, this changed after I became a Christian. Life is still full of worries and disappointments, but I learned to appreciate the things that I have, not the things I do not have. I learned to be thankful…”

Truthfully, I could only feel blessed and be thankful for all I have – knowing that I possess hundreds and thousands times more of the material luxuries than the students….. This thankful thought is the source of my smiles. Mr. Leung, our team leader grabbed the opportunity and requested the students (from the rural villages) to each tell us something they are thankful for. Then, something amazing happened – the students who had little or no material comfort and who used to keep silent in front of the class began to tell us: “I am thankful that my grandmother (only remaining family member) is healthy.”…. “Although my mother passed away, I am thankful that I always have my father by my side.”…. Everyone in the room was touched by this heartfelt sharing. The school principal who has worked in the school for over 20 years was brought to tears. “This is the first time in thirty years that I have seen students speaking out with confidence about how they feel. Our life will become more meaningful and beautiful when each student learns to be thankful. These thankful words are 100% more rewarding than getting double pay because the students I teach have grown up and become more mature! I am thankful to you and the CRRS. Thank you!”

I really felt I should be the one who said “Thank You”. I am the one who learned from the students to become more mature. “Oh, thank you!!”…..

My Precious Corner
Guangxi is a province of natural beauty – with many hills and rivers. This place of beauty is also full of poor farmers who live in extreme poverty. Many work very hard to survive. Even though they are poor and have no material luxuries, they live life to its fullest and never complain. The small gifts such as a pencil or small notepad I gave the children became their treasures – they keep those small gifts in their precious corners.

Although we have to pay for the trip expenses, we all look forward to going on another trip. I am thankful for my family and friends who have supported me financially and spiritually for the last two years. With their support, I took their love and care to all the children. My wish is to continue visiting the children each year.

The lyrics of “My Precious Corner”, a song I shared with the students reflects my feelings for the children….

Thank you for your bright smile –
it lights up my sky
Thank you for sharing and
for keeping me in your heart.

Sometimes there are cold nights –
but you warm me up
Your friendship is the brightest star
that brings beauty in my life.

When you are surrounded by laughter
I bring a swift wind to dance with you.
When you are treading on a difficult path
I still stay close beside you.

We wave at the white clouds,
We shout to the blue skies,
We laugh and cry together,
Knowing out of a million people
there is someone who understands –
You are in my precious corner.

~~~~ This is my Precious Corner ~~~~

*This is an English translation of a article written by Jenny Chun. The original article was written in Chinese.

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