Basic Education Program

China Passion: The Growing Seeds Project
Basic Education Program in Guangxi

The Culture Regeneration Research Society (CRRS) was founded in 1994 by Dr. In-sing Leung and was endorsed by the late Honourable Dr. David C. Lam, former Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of British Columbia. The CRRS was registered as a charitable organization in Canada with its headquarter located in Vancouver. The mission of the Society is to promote educational and cultural reforms in China through literary exchanges. It supports social and cultural improvements through education especially for children who live in the rural areas.

The CRRS Toronto Chapter was established in 2003. In September of that year, the Toronto Chapter launched its first annual “China Passion – The Growing Seeds Project” Fundraising Gala. It became the first step of supporting the Guangxi Educational Projects.

Each year, CRRS Toronto Chapter has used the raised funds (excluding some minor expenses) to support the “Basic Education Program” providing assistance to finance education expenses for the students from the rural areas. These areas include the four poverty stricken counties in Guangxi: Du’an, Tiandong, Longzhou & Huanjiang. Over the years, the number of students who received supports grows as the donations increase.

Currently, CRRS Toronto Chapter is focusing on the following 5 projects:

1. Student Sponsorship Project

This basic program provides financial support for under- privileged children to receive education. Although there is a 9-year mandatory free education system in China, poverty prevents many children from attending primary and secondary school. In the remote rural villages where there are no local schools, children need to be sent to town to attend school. However, many families have to keep their children to help out with farming. The families have no financial means to pay for textbooks and room and board. These less fortunate children often miss the opportunity of an education. The Student Sponsorship Project (which include primary, secondary and vocational education) was designed to offer basic schooling and to improve the quality of education for children from rural areas.

2. University Student Sponsorship Project

As of 2006, CRRS Toronto Chapter started to provide financial assistance to post-secondary students to pay for their first year’s educational expenses. It allows students to have a good start working towards achieving a higher education. After supporting them for a year, students will be expected to finance their university/college education by getting part-time jobs, summer jobs and / or some scholarships.

3. Building and Repairing Schools

Financial support was given to build new schools and school facilities, and to repair / renovate existing schools.

4. Special Projects

  • In 2015, many new books were purchased for 20 school libraries.
  • In 2014, 1,400 backpacks were donated to underprivileged students in Rural Guangxi.
  • In 2007-2011, a computer laboratory, a language laboratory and a digital library were built at “Rongshui Second High School”.

5. “Project Shine”

Since the summer of 2008, “Project Shine” has been organizing self-funded trips for Canadian youth to teach English in the rural villages of Guangxi. These ‘cultural exchange’ trips give the Canadian youth an opportunity to experience a deeper sense about life. The project also stimulates young people to care for and to serve the underprivileged.

Student Sponsorship Project and University Student Sponsorship Project

All students who receive funding through these two education programs have been carefully selected and approved by both government officials and CRRS personnel. Many conditions and regulations have to be met before support is being approved. Funds will be transmitted to student’s account directly to pay for their education expenses.

Support for a student, under the Student Sponsorship Project: CA$330 per student & CA$990 for 3 students, and

Support for a student, under the University Student Sponsorship Project: CA$900 per student & CA$2,700 for 3 students.

CRRS Toronto Chapter supports education for the younger generation and provides opportunities for under-privileged children to attend school so that they can get a brighter future for themselves and their family. CRRS members and volunteers pay self-funded trips to China to visit the students. They continue to care for these students by communicating with them through letters and emails. Through relentlessly efforts, CRRS members set great example for these students to pass on the spirit of LOVE.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” May God bless you!