Resource Centre Project

Targeted funding: Resource Centre in the Rongshui Second High School

Since the students in poverty-stricken rural Guangxi area need both academic knowledge and technical/job-related skills, targeted funding has been spent to provide technical resources for a designated county high school – Rongshui Second High School.

Phase 1 of the development started in 2007 to build a resource centre which included the installation of sixty computer units.  For Phase 2, an additional 30 computer units were installed in 2008.  In addition, a Language Laboratory (which is one of a kind in Guangxi) was set up in the school.  These new facilities greatly improve students’ computer knowledge and language learning skill.  The Language Laboratory also serves as an up-to-date language training centre for teachers.  Phase 3 involved a modernized library to provide reading / reference materials for both students and teachers.  This project has become a model for future education structure plans of the County and other regions.