Vancouver Head Office

The Culture Regeneration Research Society is a non-profit, non-political academic organization. Its origin dates back to 1993 when the founder, Dr. Thomas In-Sing Leung, shared his vision with a group of overseas Chinese in Canada to carry out the mission of regenerating both western an d Chinese cultures by exchanging each other’s noble values and classic philosophies through academic and cultural ministries. It was with this vision that Culture Regeneration Research Society was incepted in 1994 in Vancouver, BC of Canada. Since then, CRRS has expanded its ministries to other countries and has set up affiliated office in the US and Hong Kong respectively in 1996 and 1998.

CRRS is committed to connecting Chinese worldwide to promote the wisdom of Chinese culture, to love and to serve each other for the rebuilding and regeneration of Chinese culture through continued exchange of western values and philosophies.


1. Leadership Culture

In order to improve the system of Chinese government and help reform the social construct, CRRS pools wisdom of experts around the globe to submit recommendations to the Chinese government. Dr. Thomas In-sing Leung proactively participates in as many high-level international conferences worldwide as he can and lectures in various academic, religious and cultural events to promote CRRS’s mandate.

2. Academic Culture

Underpinned by the concept of “Cultural China”, the objective is to promote the cultural exchange between China and other countries in the world and ultimately achieve cultural fusion (or convergence) so that Chinese culture can become one of the important resources for the study of spirituality and civilizations. By ways of understanding and embracing religious pluralism (or diversity) combined with the all-encompassing nature of Chinese culture, perhaps the ideal of “Together As One” for the human race is not at all too far-fetched.

3. Caring Culture

CRRS is dedicated to social causes such as poverty relief, caring for the underprivileged, raising awareness of the fundamental needs in Chinese rural villages, mountainous areas and the cities and providing education funding to help students complete their education.