My Trips to Guangxi – Loretta Chan

My Trips to Guangxi

Loretta Chan
Donor, Vision Trip member (2008, 2009)

Two years ago, I was invited to the CRRS Toronto Gala Dinner. That was the first time I got to know about CRRS. Through researches on the internet, meeting and talking with the CRRS Toronto personnel, I became interested in the work of CRRS and its Basic Education Project in Guangxi, China. By the end of the Gala Dinner, I decided to make a donation and to take a ‘Vision Trip’ to Guangxi with CRRS.

In June, 2008, I joined a group of CRRS staff and donors to visit Guangxi. I felt excited, not knowing exactly what to expect. We visited many schools in Guangxi. I was given the opportunities to meet with and to talk to many students (ranging from primary school to university). They were mostly girls from very poor, ethnical minority farming families. They all had similar stories of hardship and poverty, they were all very grateful for the financial help and the care and love from CRRS.

During the 10-day trip, I was deeply moved by what I have seen with my own eyes and what I heard with my own ears. I truly believed the work of CRRS was making a difference to the life of those children. Upon my return to Toronto, I made a commitment of sponsoring a class of Grade 3 girls. No one knows what future holds for these girls, I just know that there is at least hope, no matter how small, that one day these girls may be able to get out of poverty because of the education they receive.

I followed my heart and went to Guangxi with CRRS again in April, 2009 to visit the Grade 3 girls and other students. I know my heart will urge me to go Guangxi again in the future.

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