Julia Ho (English Sharing)

Julia Ho
Supporter of CRRS Toronto Chapter

Last November I had the opportunity of joining the Guangxi Vision Trip organized by CRRS. It was very touching seeing the students get up and talk about their lives. Though I do not understand Mandarin, I was able to pick up a few words here and there. I could see what CRRS has done for these students – providing them with a chance to attend school that changes their lives. The students were very emotional about our visit, grateful that we were there in person to show our care and support. When it was time to leave, some of them asked if we will come to visit again.

At ‘Monkey Ground (Hau-chong) Elementary School’, some of the classrooms are turned into student residences due to lack of space. The living condition there is very poor. Bunk beds were placed side by side, with two to three students sharing a bed. Flies and bees were all over and there was a filthy smell.

We also visited a temporary elementary school located on a mountain slope. The muddy hillside was hard to climb and slippery even in dry weather. I just cannot imagine how difficult is when it rains. Those little children have to take this route to and from school everyday! This Vision Trip provides the students with a chance to meet the CRRS members and donors, letting them know there people from far away who do care about them.

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