Dr. Michael Ho (English Sharing)

A Reflection on CRRS’ Tenth Anniversary

Dr. Michael Ho
Honorary Consultant of CRRS Toronto Chapter

The wise Chinese saying, “Growing a tree takes 10 years, growing a human (with character) takes a 100 years” has certain truth. In this digital age, however, the growing period has been dramatically telescoped.

Many letters from CRRS-sponsored students reported that some have now embarked on university and college education. A few have even entered the working world. Their goal of seeking a brighter future for themselves, their family, their village and their country is nearly realized.

One thing the students have vividly remembered that has impacted their life is – the kindness and love in action from the “overseas uncles and aunts”. These students are forever grateful to the CRRS donors who have supported them in their time of need. Consequently, some even have the vision of helping others in some similar ways.

The CRRS goal of “Life Influences Life” is bearing fruits. All of our investments: the funds raised and donated, distance travelled, time spent, and contacts made have not been done in vain. Instead, all these efforts have been abundantly rewarded. Truthfully, those who gave have experienced blessings more than those who received.

This sense of accomplishment really warms our hearts and strengthens our belief. In some small ways, we have brought light to darkness, hope to the downcast and love to those who are in need.

From donors to volunteers, Toronto CRRS committee members to CRRS staff, together we gather resources and strength to help others. Many of you have been my models and encouragers – your enthusiasm and sacrifice have touched me deeply.

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