Fundraising Appeal 2023 – 文更孩子需要你!

Dear Friends and Partners of CRRS:

At this time in the past years, we have always been busy preparing for our Annual Gala to raise fund for children living in the remote rural areas of Guangxi, China, so they could go to school.

Since the Chinese Government has increased and strengthened their Education System in the recent years, CRRS modifies our  ‘Financial Plans’ to focus on expanding support for Vocational School students and University students. These vocational school students who did not get into regular high school have to tackle more problems in order to receive post-secondary education. In addition, CRRS supports those university students who receive no or little government financial assistance as they have great difficulties paying for their education.

As we utilize social media to encourage these students to study hard for their future, we must try to alleviate their financial burden by providing them with sufficient monetary assistance. This year, we will continue our fundraising through Online Donation so that we can fulfill our financial support commitment.

Your participation in our fundraising is crucial. The students depend on your financial support. Please send in your gift to help our needy students.

Please view and visit the following:

2022-2023 Education Projects Report

Guangxi Video

For further information about CRRS, please call our hotline: 416-786-9255.

Thank you for your generosity! May God bless you and your family!

CRRS Toronto Chapter

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