3-Year Sponsorship Project

CRRS has been delivering our Education Program in Guangxi, China for many years. Program initiatives include: Teacher Enrichment Project, Student Sponsorship Project, Re-building Schools Project, Establishing a Multi-purpose Resource Centre and Teaching English to English Teachers Project.

While administrators are always seeking ways to improve and enhance each project, there is a strong sense that the 3-Year Sponsorship Project will systematically expand to provide support to more beneficiaries in different counties.

Since 2005, CRRS has launched the 3-Year Sponsorship Project to enhance the financial support for the students and to extend opportunities for broader-base support and participation. As such, the recipients need not worry about their education costs for their (3-year) program of studies. The 3-Year Sponsorship Project allows donors/supporters to commit to a full-term support program with a choice of either 30 or 50 students that they wish to support.

In order to provide a sense of connection with the beneficiary and to assure that the donation has made a positive impact on the beneficiary’s life, the supporters/donors of 3-Year Sponsorship Project will be given a brief profile, photograph and school report card of each beneficiary, on annual basis upon request.

CRRS welcomes supporters/donors to visit and/or correspond with their beneficiary. Please contact us about details of our annual vision trip.

  • As a donor of the 3-Year Sponsorship Project, you will be provided with:
  • A Name Plaque on the door of the classroom to acknowledge your donation
  • A Canadian tax receipt for your annual donation
  • Your name will be acknowledged in the Annual Gala Program Book
  • Your name will be honoured on a Plaque at the Annual Charity Gala
  • One or two VIP complimentary table for 10 at our Annual Charity Gala
Number of students 3-Year Sponsorship Project Amount
(Amount to be paid annually)
30 Students $9,900 per year x 3 years
50 Students $16,500 per year x 3 years

The average cost of sponsoring a student is CA$330 per year. Actual support for each student may vary depending on the actual educational costs incurred.

We sincerely urge you to become a donor of the 3-Year Sponsorship Project. This special act of generosity is a blessing to those who give and it offers a life-changing opportunity for the children from the rural area of China. On behalf of the CRRS and all the beneficiaries, we thank you in advance for your continued love, support and generosity.

For further information, please contact us by calling 416-786-9255